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Friday, February 15, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

  1. Have I ever mentioned that I am incredibly horrible at math? No? Ok well I am INCREDIBLY horrible at math. Take this morning for instance, I needed to be at the Chik-fil-a 30 minutes away from my house 8:45am to pick up a party tray for the club at school I'm the president of before I headed to work for the day. I decided to allot myself thirty additional minutes to roll out of bed and get ready. So when did I set my alarm for? 7:45am right? Wrong, alas my wonderful math skills prompted me to set my alarm for 6:45. But I'm actually extremely grateful, I had morning God Time for the first time in ages. This mistake may have to happen more often...
  2. Can we just talk about how adorable M's nephew Monster is? I mean, if you haven't checked out M's sister in law, Cassie's blog, stop reading this and do it now! HERE Monster is the darling boy with ashes on his forehead in the first picture of Cassie's Ash Wednesday blog. So anyway, back to the point, I got an email from Cassie this week informing me that Monster was playing with his BIIIIIIG (BIIIG or Heavy Heavy in Monster's language mean very important) truck and was pretending to go get Nonnie, Big Poppy and Aunt Julia (that's his gradparents and me!) I'm telling you, that little boy is precious! He has such a little personality and knows what he wants. Children are amazing, that's all there is to it y'all.
Monster being goofy

  1. Just a quick announcement, three (3) more months until I finally graduate from college and get into a semi set, more regular routine. Scratch that number, Two (2) months and twenty-six (26) days. Not that I'm counting or anything.....yeah.
  2. I just want to say that I was taken aback when I heard about Pope Benedict's announcement of his resignation. I'm going to continue to pray for him and his continued health as well as the Church.This will most definitely me an interesting Lenten season. 
  3. M, my sanity, my life, my love. We celebrated Valentines Day on Tuesday. Since Lent is a time of solemn reflection and mourning, we felt it would be more appropriate to celebrate before Ash Wednesday. With my crazy work & school schedules and M's project deadlines (he restores antique furniture with his father), and maybe a wee bit of procrastination, Tuesday was the day. So we went to Chili's and ordered steak and margaritas (yes margaritas for lunch, it was Fat Tuesday y'all!) and just spent time together. It was perfect. P.S. This was only our fourth date in six months, as in just me and him for any length of time. Too much temptation in alone time lol.
This is M, he is wonderful!

  1. I just got home from seeing the movie Safe Haven and while I do have to say that it had some unnecessary premarital relations in it, the story line was good. It absolutely made me glad that my past is in the past and reminded me to be very thankful for M. 
  2. I'm sure your #7 is that I'm finally done! My have I rambled this evening! My #7 is that Latin Mass is this Sunday, I know y'all are excited! But seriously, I have never found peace like the peace of Tridentine Mass
Have we discussed the fact that numbers despise me? Yes? Ok then, don't be too mean about my awesome numbering.

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  1. Numbers hate me too! And typing. Frequently, I will look down at what I have typed and think, "Go home typist. You are drunk."